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Calf Akshay - Before_after (2).png


Many of you have been asking about “Akshay” the cute little calf who had been abandoned in a field by a DAIRY FARMER, far away from his mother. Terrified & confused, he then got trapped in a barbed wire fence for many days, which caused him serious injuries.

It was a sad sight when we found him, soaked in blood, with his helpless mother standing by him. Fortunately she heard his cries & finally found him. Team Welfare For Animals in Goa:WAG skillfully removed the wire, while mum watched patiently.

A few weeks later , Akshay has made a full recovery,. & mama is happy too. They will both live safely at our Sanctuary.

Thank you to all our supporters , helping us help these innocent babies have a safe & happy life.

varsha 2.jpeg
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