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We Love Our Animals and What We Do!

At WAG we believe that every life matters. We do what we can, with limited resources, to ensure that all our rescues receive the best love and care.

Rescue Clinic

We humanely catch stray cats and dogs, and bring them to our clinic for surgical sterilisation. We look after them post-operation and when they are ready, we release them back to their original packs. 

Cow Gaushala/Shelter

Our shelter provides a safe haven for stray & abused cows, where they are fed a healthy, balanced diet mostly sourced from our own unique Cow Garden (where tree fodder is grown e.g. bananas), receive treatment and even get their coats brushed therapeutically.

Beach Monitoring & Feeding Programme

We feed over 60 dogs and cats during the monsoon season, for 6 months a year. We vaccinate, sterilize and treat any animals that come our way during this time.


We have installed one of North Goa’s first bio-gas plants (where cow dung is converted to clean cooking fuel, which is used for cooking food for the beach dogs and other animals we look after).  We are encouraging local villages and communities to do the same in order to alleviate the suffering stray cattle endure.  Stray cattle will thus no longer be seen as a hindrance by the locals.

Innovative work at the WAG Goushala/Cow Shelter
Beach Monitoring & Feeding Programme
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