WELFARE FOR ANIMALS IN GOA (WAG) is a registered Charitable Trust

Registration Number: BRZ-BK4-00013-2012 

WAG Shelter: 1198, Mulga Vaddo, Siolim,

North Goa 403517

WAG Clinic: 903/A1, Porta Vaddo, Near AJ Supermarket, Siolim, North Goa, 403517 

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Our Animals


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Cattle & Other Animals

Marina, Cow Calf
D.O.B.: 14/06/2019

Marina was another road accident, an incident that occurs far too many times in Goa. Her front leg was broken & she was unable to stand on her own. Marina took many months to recover, as she was only a few weeks old when she was rescued. She is now healed.

To Sponsor Marina please email crysel.garg@gmail.com with your query.
Meghna, Cow Calf
D.O.B.: 23/04/2019

Meghna was rescued from a deep well by TEAM WAG. She had been stuck overnight, screaming out for help, but no one came. She was dehydrated & wounded but got better soon after her rescue. She now runs free, completely happy & healthy.

To Sponsor Meghna please email crysel.garg@gmail.com with your query.
Lily, Cow Calf
D.O.B.: 05/10/2018

Lily suffered from a broken hind-leg after being run over by a truck. She lay in the pouring rain, helpless & without her herd. Luckily, she was brought to WAG, but the extent of her injuries were too great. However, she is thriving at our shelter, where she gets to spend time with her new family, & have her leg checked every 3 days.

To Sponsor Lily please email crysel.garg@gmail.com with your query.
Jaws, Cow Calf
D.O.B.: 02/09/2019

Jaws was callously hit by a speeding vehicle, breaking a part half of her mouth. As she was not able to eat & was in a lot of pain, it was touch & go for a while! However, with every day dressings, hand/bottle feeding & lots of love, Jaws was able to survive & is now living a happy life with her adopted siblings.

To Sponsor Jaws please email crysel.garg@gmail.com with your query.
Scabbi, Bull Calf
D.O.B.: 18/08/2019

Like many of our rescues, Scabbi was suffering from an overload of worms in his stomach. As a result, he lost much of his fur & was very weak. After receiving the appropriate treatment, Scabbi started to get stronger & healthier. He is now a happy adoptive brother to Jaws.

To Sponsor Scabbi please email crysel.garg@gmail.com with your query.
Shiva, Bull Calf
D.O.B.: 03/02/2018

Shiva was rescued at only 1 month old, after a speeding vehicle ran over his front leg. He miraculously survived & is happy in his new home.

To Sponsor Shiva please email crysel.garg@gmail.com with your query.
Kishor, Bull
D.O.B.: 02/10/2000

Kishor has been the longest living resident at the WAG Shelter. He was rescued from the streets, but only after this did we find out that he has hip dysplasia. He would not be able to survive on the street in such a condition, but is safe with us.

To Sponsor Kishor please email crysel.garg@gmail.com with your query.
Hiran, Bull
D.O.B.: 03/01/2010

Hiran came to WAG with an injured hoof, but we are not sure of how this injury occured. He spent weeks limping on the busy streets of Goa, however is all healed & now doing well.

To Sponsor Hiran please email crysel.garg@gmail.com with your query.
Grace, Cow
D.O.B.: 10/06/2010

Grace suffered from horrific wounds to her horns & head. A rope had been tied around her horns, when she was a calf, causing it to cut deep into her skull as she grew bigger. Sadly, we could not save her horn, but she is alive & well.

To Sponsor Grace please email crysel.garg@gmail.com with your query.
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Dogs & Cats

Our rescues are all UP FOR ADOPTION. Contact us on 8806640133 if you have a loving furever home for our beloved streeties.

Cow Caretaker

Cow Caretaker

Bilbo, Male
D.O.B.: 18/01/2019

Bilbo was found as a young kitten with his siblings, abandoned at the fish market. While his other siblings were adopted, Bilbo still had no one to call his own. However, he was sterilised & now lives at our Rescue Clinic, freely, enjoying everyone's love & attention. He also loves spending time with our rescue kittens.

To Sponsor Bilbo please email crysel.garg@gmail.com with your query.
Marley, Male
D.O.B.: 17/03/2016

Marley was rescued with severe mange & a broken leg. His skin looked like that of an elephant, hard, grey & full of scabs. After only a few weeks of treatment Marley started to grow his hair back & turned into a handsome boy! He is a very friendly, happy dogs who loves walks on the beach & lots of cuddles. Click on the link below to he is transformation.

To Sponsor Marley please email crysel.garg@gmail.com with your query.
Aalia, Female
D.O.B.: 15/08/2016

Aalia came to us an extremely malnourished puppy. She was found tied up in a plastic bag, in a garbage dump. Miraculously she survived & has turned into a great dog. She loves roaming free & rolling in mud.

To Sponsor Aalia please email crysel.garg@gmail.com with your query.
Anna, Female
D.O.B.: 22/03/2019

Anna was rescued as a malnourished & terrified puppy. She was scare of human interaction & touch. However, with the love of our other rescues she soon blossomed into a confident, happy puppy. She too has become a permanent resident with us.

To Sponsor Anna please email crysel.garg@gmail.com with your query.
Spy, Male
D.O.B.: 10/06/2015

Spy was rescued in a very severe condition. He was covered in more than 200 ticks & suffered from a permanent skin condition. Now he is healthy, but sadly still looking for a home. He has been with us since 2017 & seems to be a permanent resident with us.

To Sponsor Spy please email crysel.garg@gmail.com with your query.
Dot-Dot, Female
D.O.B.: 09/09/2018

Dot-Dot was found with a severe case of mange. She represented a hairless chicken, or rat, & we even suspected that she was blind from an eye infection. However, she responded extremely well to her medical treatment & has grown into a beautiful, gentle dog. She still seeks a home to call her own.

To Sponsor Dot-Dot please email crysel.garg@gmail.com with your query.
Honey & Peanut, Females
D.O.B.: 23/01/2017

Honey & Peanut were found on the streets as 1 month old pups, where they were lying next to their dead sibling & mother. Sadly, a road accident took their family away from them, but they were lucky enough to be rescued & brought to us. Now, they enjoy their lives at our Rescue Clinic, where they are free to roam outdoors & always receive love & attention.
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Adopt a companion for life!
We provide free vaccinations for 1 year, & free sterilization for any animals adopted from us.

Contact us on 8806640133 if you are interested in adopting.

WAG currently takes care of 120 animals on a daily basis. These range from turkeys, chickens, goats, a pig, dogs, cats, cows & other birds. Every day our dedicated staff look after these rescues , where they will spend the rest of their lives, safe & warm at our Sanctuary. With so many animals under our care, but with limited resources & funding, we need YOUR HELP in ensuring they get the best medical care & food.

Help us continue to home these beautiful rescues by sponsoring them. Your sponsorship will include food, vaccines & medical care for our rescues.


Cattle Sponsorship is RS. 10,000 for ONE YEAR
Dog or Cat Sponsorship is RS. 5,000 for ONE YEAR

Sponsors will receive updates every 6 months. 

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