Welcome to Welfare for Animals in Goa

We report dogs and cats in our community for Sterilization, and encourage others to do the same. A single unsterilized dog and her offspring can produce 67000 puppies in 6 years, and a single unsterilized cat and her offspring, 420000 kittens in 7 years.

As part of our Semi Care Programme, we also re-home abandoned animals, and where necessary, provide medicine and ongoing support to their caretakers. WAG also vaccinates and de-worm a number of strays who are not dependent on us for food.

Although we mostly deal with Dogs and Cats, we have in the past, helped rescue 4 x parrot chicks, a python, and 2 x cows.

Aims and Objectives

  • To reduce unnecessary suffering endured by these animals by actively reporting and helping to sterilize all stray dogs and cats in Goa, India.
  • To home as many stray dogs and cats as possible through our semi-care adoption schemes.
  • To feed and monitor the health of stray beach dogs and cats during the monsoon season (Many dogs and cats are left to fend for themselves during the monsoon season as there are limited tourists and shacks where they get their food from the rest of the year). Many Cats and Dogs will not make it through a monsoon , without the help of WAG.
  • To protect the dogs and cats against diseases such as rabies and other viruses by vaccinating them.
  • To de-worm the dogs and cats.

Charity Status

WAG is a Registered Trust in Goa, Registration Number: BRZ-BK4-00013-2012

How we came to be

Atul, Dev and Stephanie, having many years of animal welfare experience, decided to set up WAG with an emphasis on "adoptions". They also realised that many Cows in Goa are strays and face similar difficulties to stray dogs and cats.

Practical Action

Volunteers are needed to monitor adoptions, which includes visiting families and their adopted animals. Volunteers are also needed in the monsoon, in the Northern most beaches of Goa where beach dogs and cats risk starvation and neglect. This includes monitoring their health and giving them their anti rabies and All in 1 anti virus Vaccines.

WAG also has a semi-care project where adopted dogs and cats are monitored and practical help is provided to the new owners such as training tips, bowls, flea collars, toys, leads and collars. This means visiting each dog or cat a minimum of twice a year.

In addition to feeding, WAG also provides medical attention, with Dr. Mariella Afonso of Mapusa, volunteering her precious time to give our pooches their annual rabies and "7in One" jabs.

We also have a small re-homing project for fostered puppies and kittens.

What has really surprised us is that the dogs in the monsoon, miss human affection and physical contact, as much as they miss a guaranteed meal. So "cuddling" is also part of our duty!

Founder Members

Atul Sarin

Get in touch with us
Atul Sarin (Goa, India)
+91 9823541603

Honorary Patron:
Siddharth Dhanvant Shanghvi

Nikhil Kripalani

Dr Aruna Viswanathan

Aadhi Vishal

Stephanie Panayiotou (London, UK)
+44 7894167210

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